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Outdoor Engineers AG is a company based in Diepoldsau Switzerland, specializing in the ropeway and cable way industry. With over 30 years of experience in implementing projects all around the world, we at Outdoor Engineers AG bring a level of skills and expertise to the table, that is unparalleled.


Outdoor Engineers is made up of veterans of the ropeway industry as well young and dynamic team members, whether it is in the thick jungles of South Asia, in the mountains of the Swiss Alps or in a board room with a investment bank, the team at Outdoor Engineers is particular skilled to address any challenge. 

Oswald Graber


Oswald is a renowned expert in the Aerial Ropeway industry, having over 35 years of experience in designing, planning, constructing and implementing projects all over the world, he has a deep technical knowledge and understanding of Ropeway systems. Oswald specializes in providing the most technically advance solutions available to address the requirements of our clients.

Following 17 years of working with the leaders of Ropeways Manufacturers in Europe and the US, Oswald founded Outdoor Engineers, focusing on designing and implementing Ropeway installations for the public and private clients in both urban and recreational environments. Having worked in countries such as Switzerland, Austria, USA, Canada, Chile, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Qatar, Korea, China, Bangladesh and India, working with variety of clients and government officials, Oswald has a unique set of skills to coordinate and cooperate with individuals from various countries and backgrounds.


Markus Geiger


Markus has 14 years of experience in engineering, project development and the financing sector within the ropeway industry. He has worked on passenger ropeway projects in Asia, Africa and North America. Together with the University of London he submitted a dissertation on the Financing and sustainable Implementation of Aerial Ropeways within the Urban Environment where he has worked globally with experts, financial institutions, manufacturers but also with Aerial Ropeway end-users. 

 Markus has strong technical knowledge of ropeway systems and has first-hand experience assessing economic, regulatory, environmental, operational, security and safety issues that are associated with the passenger ropeways. His experience in the technical aspect of ropeways, coupled together with his financial expertise makes him an invaluable asset in implementation of critical factors of Ropeway projects.  

Adeesha De Silva

Business Development

Having studied mechanical engineering in Germany, Adeesha joined Outdoor Engineers in 2018 and has been involved mainly in projects in Asia. He is experienced in the project and business development, handling clients and investment relations. Adeesha has worked with various government agencies and stakeholders and possesses a unique understanding of regulatory, government and technical approvals required for project implementation. 

Randy Gliege

Construction & Project Manager

Randy is a highly skilled and experienced technician, with more than 25 years of experience in the Cable Car, Inclined Elevators and Avalanche control systems constructions and operations. Having supervised and managed projects and construction in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.  

Having installed systems such as lifts for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics that was featured on National Geographic TV’s “World Toughest Fixes”, Randy is extremely competent and dedicated to overcoming challenges no matter how “Tough” them may seem. 


Kyle Clarke

Assembly & Maintenance Manager

Kyle is specialized in overseeing and supervising assembly and installations of a wide range of systems that is offered by Outdoor Engineers. Including cable cars and inclined elevators. One of Kyle’s strong points, is making sure that all systems and installations are assembled and installed to all safety and quality standards, which include strict laws and guidelines that we follow adhering to E.U and U.S laws and guidelines.  

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